Sunday, September 25, 2011

*Collection 2011-2012,made in Mykonos*

Που θα παει??? Σιγα σιγα θα ερθει και ο χειμωνας!!! Ολο το καλοκαιρι,εδω στη Μυκονο ετοιμαζω τη νεα collection περιμενωντας με ανυπομονησια τα πρωτα κρυα..σκουφακια,γαντια,γκετες και κασκολ παντα φτιαγμενα με αγαπη και στοργη περιμενουν να φορεθουν και να κανουν θραυση!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

*Greetings from the Island of Winds*

Hi again from you neighbor vet ,now from Mykonos... The sun shines here constantly and my knitting goods are really out of season... However I keep knitting old and new patterns to make BIG stock for the coming winter... Always made with love and care, I would be grateful for receiving any orders and sending my kntting goods everywhere without charging postage fee.. In this post I am going to put all my available stuff......YouHouHou YouHouHou

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

*pink gloves for a pink girl*

Hi again from your neighbor vet..This is a pair of gloves in pink and white.They are cabled in owl pattern..Really unique,warm and cozy..They were an order for V..always  made with love and care...If you like it please contact me

Monday, February 7, 2011

*blue lagoon*

Hi again from your neighbor vet.This is a cute light blue cabled cap made for Angie.I really insisted on putting the  hot pink pom pon but she wouldn't listen..Warm for the rest of winter days and happy for the upcoming spring.Always made with love and care,YouHouHou,YouHouHou

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

*zebra tracks*

Hi again from your neighbor vet...This is a small bag for you lipglosses and your brushes.It is knitted with grey merino 70% and 30% acrylic yarn.Zebra tracks lay on the inside and make it your next addiction.Always made with love,care and inspiration for different people.YouHouHouYouHouHou

*grey and white clouds*

Hi again from your neighbor vet.Although the weather is better,it is still really cold here.So there more chances to wear your knitty goods.This is an order for dear friend R.N.She likes black but she preferred white and grey for her fabulous scarf...The cute tie is on pin and you can wear it or not...Always made with love and care..Do not forget ,whatever you like you can order it and receive in any color you like,YouHouHouYouHouHou

Sunday, January 9, 2011

*roses are red and violets are blue,honey is sweet but not as sweet as you*

Hi again from your neighbor vet.This cupcake was initially made two months ago,when I was trying to made baby boots,but I casted on more stitches than I needed.So I decided to make a small,cute bag with reused  mirror for lip gloss and other tiny stuff(I am a lip gloss-maniac,so it was the first thing I came up with.).That cupcake was sold at pillbox bazaar in December and few days ago I was asked to make another for present for G.B's girlfriend.I hope she like it..Always made with love and care.YouHouHouYouHouHou

Monday, January 3, 2011

*thank god its cold outside and I can wear my fabulous scarf and cap!!!!!*

Hi again from your neighbor vet.This is an order for S.P for her girlfriend..It is an ear flap cap in hot pink and cream and scarf in the same color.The buttons are hot pink with small sparkles!!I hope she will enjoy them,if you are interested please contact me,always made with love and care.