Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi again from your neighbor vet..This is my first order for girls.I asked them for their favorite colors and then combined them and that is the result.Really warm for the cold winter and really really cute for two cute girls...
Do not forget,always made with love and care,if you like something just contact me


*men love stripes too!!!*

Hi again from your neighbor vet in the middle of winter!!
-This is an order for E.K for her boyfriend.It is a 70% merino neck warmer in dark green,dark grey black and white.Really cozy and warm even for motorcycling.

-This is a stripy cap made for K.S.It is dark green and grey.Comfortable and warm,everything a man wants,the photo does not include the pom-pon
Always made with love and care


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

*pill box bazaar December 18-19@arthouse,Thessaloniki*

Hi again from your neighbor vet.I am really happy to inform you that I will take part in an art-craft bazaar on December 18-19 at arthouse.I am knitting all day long to have many happy knitty stuff to sell there.Of course you are all invited..Take a look,If you like something of course you can order it.Always made with love and care.Enjoy...
red hairclip

small and cute cupcake for small and cute stuff
pink-white and black fingerless glove

white and pink fingerless cabled gloves

purple and pink fingerless glove detailed with purple bow
pink fingerless long gloves

colorful cap with pink pom pon

pink case and blue stars

cute purple bow

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

*simple present*

Hi again from your neighbor vet.These are some of the presents the customers take when they order more than one happy knitty accesorry!Enjoy!!!!YouHouHouYouHouHou


coffe cozy-I love black men

coffee cozy-I love black men

*purple rain,purple rain*

Hi again from your neighbor vet.This is another order for G.B's girlfriend.He asked for a purple scarf and I came up with this.There is light purple,dark purple and white on it.It closes with invisible buttons and I detailed with a purple disk.Check it out,if you want another color,contact me.
Always made with love and care.YouHouHouYouHouHou

Saturday, November 20, 2010

*red dead redemption*

Hi again from your neighbor vet
This is  a present,ordered by G.B for his girlfriend.Really  chunky and warm,with a a simple pattern and a big flower to make it different.Available in more colors.Always made with love and care


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*pink,black and white*

This is a neckwarmer,ordered by J.M to match with the stripy fingerless gloves.It is cabled,white and there is pink and black up and down.Really warm I hope Christin would love it like I loved it.If you like it or you prefer other colors,please contact me and I will be happy to make it for you.

Always made with love and care from your neighbor vet!!!!YouHouHouYouHouHou

Saturday, November 6, 2010

*stripe me back*

Hi again from your neighbor vet
It is really really dissapointing the fact that however hard I try to sell my knitty goods online,nobody seems to be interested.I managed to sell them to friends but I wonder how all of them selling to etsy do it.I made a facebook page,I have flickr,I sent happy messages to my contacts but no response.Anyway,I still hope.
This is my last work.It is ordered by J.M ,inspired and made by me.They are stripy ,black and white with pink wrist.And of course the small pink star as a detail...if you are interested contact me..Enjoy

love and kisses from your vet

Sunday, October 24, 2010

*out of the blue*

Hi again from your vet
This is a project I really loved.It is a pair of blue cabled fingerless gloves with purple details to cheer you up.Really warm and unique,you can combine it with almost everything.
Made with love and care by your vet